Intellivance Approach


“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.”  Pythagoras  

Thousands of years ago, Greek philosopher Pythagoras observed the relationship between music and mathematics. He believed arithmetic represented the number, geometry the number in space, music and harmonies the number in time, and astronomy the number in space and time.   

At Intellivance we have pushed this notion even further…music and mathematics are harmoniously related to everything.  At its core Intellivance is a number system based upon prime numbers, that interconnects all the literacies of math, science, language, music and sports in fun easy to learn experiences.    


Learning One Thing is Learning Everything 

The Intellivance holistic and organic approach embraces our innate abilities to learn, allowing for acquisition of multiple literacies simultaneously.  Our patent-pending system empowers learners of all ages, abilities, and intelligences to nurture neural pathways to stimulate discovery, creativity, problem solving and retention.   Our focus is on creating engaging, multi-sensory experiences that inspire, motivate and engage learners in a way not accessible when employing just one sense or literacy independently. 

We aim to help each person develop competencies using existing proficiencies and demonstrated associations to create a harmony of literacies.  This presents users the opportunity to be the directors of their own experience; that ultimately encourages imagination and innovation.  We foster learning in a collaborative environment that fosters social engagement.   

When you can learn HOW to learn in an atmosphere that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem solving what beautiful things can you create?  At the surface, Intellivance seems like modern technology, but the roots of these ideas were founded thousands of years ago. We are simply finding new ways to describe old language, just as Pythagoras and the other masters did in their own age. 

 We certainly hope you will join us on this revolutionary path. 


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