Preparing for the Future

The goal of all education is to prepare people to be successful and competitive in an ever-evolving global environment. In a world that demands critical thinking skills and application of knowledge, many young people are arriving ill-prepared to be successful.

Imagine a future in which everyone can thrive regardless of abilities, age, or social condition. Learning that is personalized, engages aptitudes and creates meaningful associations in a social, dynamic and sustainable environment.

At Intellivance, we are working on shaping that future, today.


Multiple Literacy Focus


Intellivance is at the forefront of designing tools that provide pathways to new literacies by leveraging a learner’s existing literacies. We use music, rhythm, shapes, and colors to create associations between numbers, words, and concepts to provide unprecedented opportunities to acquire knowledge and enhance comprehension.

Our approach is inclusive of all learners. By providing teacher assistive technologies that provide immediate and ongoing feedback, we can enrich experiences regardless of learning style or educational needs. Additionally, individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) have an opportunity to learn and apply concepts that up until now may have been out of reach.


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