At Intellivance, we take the art of learning personally.


We have studied the unique ways that people experience the world and the diverse learning challenges they face.

We’ve all been touched by family, friends and acquaintances with unique learning talents. We formed Intellivance to help open up possibilities, to help our friends, young or old, to be able to fully express themselves and to build on their talents.  It is our belief that we can reach an even wider audience, opening up new worlds of experience to people of all ages and abilities.

We focus on potential rather than a person’s limitations.  Our goal is for everyone to experience and grow with this revolutionary way of learning.

To this end, we have developed multi-sensory environments that stimulate the mind to:

 Create associations

Develop understanding

Learn HOW to learn

As children develop and interact with the world around them, complex neural pathways are established — to remember or to recall or to understand new ideas.  As adults, those same trusted pathways continue to help acquire knowledge. Those pathways are efficient and recognized. But they can also be limiting.  We believe the key to overcome these limitations is to open new neural pathways.

We use music and rhythm and shapes and colors to create associations between numbers, words and concepts.

Can we help the deaf see music, and the blind hear colors?

We have meticulously synthesized some of the most effective learning concepts and theories into a cohesive, multi-disciplinary system. Intellivance creates the tools that can expand a person’s ability to learn, lighting new pathways they can follow for the rest of their lives. Because learning styles are as personal and as unique as you are.

Can learning build self-efficacy and create big, confident smiles?

This is a journey that has been years in the making. Once you see a face finally brighten up with a sense of achievement and self-confidence, you too will take the art of learning personally.

We hope you will join us!

“What if there was no such thing as too old or too young to learn anything.”

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