Intellivance seeks to share our new learning language that provides opportunity and empowers those who struggle to learn. We aim to create an education revolution by helping all learners gain and organize knowledge through multi-sensory experiences. We aspire to disrupt the current paradigms of learning and teaching by providing access to multiple literacies all at once.

Cartoon of brain showing an education revolution

Our Passion

Our values are the foundational pieces of our company. They are the lens through which we evaluate our business decisions and are integral to our success. At Intellivance we want to:

  • Ensure everyone counts, especially those who have been counted out
  • Foster mindsets that are excited to learn
  • Emphasize individualized learning, because each participant is unique
  • Embrace challenge, because challenge offers us an opportunity to grow
  • Seek out knowledge and creativity, because knowledge equips us for success and creativity expands our minds
  • Foster an environment of respect, inclusivity, and acceptance because everyone is an equal member of our community

And ultimately, create an education revolution!

Kids playing. It's an education revolution.
An Intellivance Clock - part of the education revolution

Our Language

We developed our intellectual property to take advantage of human evolutionary adaptations. One that takes advantage of how we’ve evolved to learn. ​Our system provides a holistic and accessible approach to learning never before seen. ​We have created an entirely new language of everything and in doing so, an education revolution. At the core of this language, you’ll find prime number math, music and multi-sensory arts.​ You can read more about the science behind Intellivance here. 

Our Vision


Intellivance’s revolutionary intellectual property (IP) provides opportunity and empowers those at a disadvantage. Our technologies and methodologies meet individuals where they are (cognitively, physically, and socially) to help them develop skills and promote self-efficacy. Intellivance has adopted a “fourth sector” organization model. We strive to be a profitable business that integrates social purpose, an approach we call “philanprofitable”.


Sloping curbs were initially designed to make sidewalks more accessible for those with a physical disability, but quickly provided benefit for everyone. When assistive technology becomes sufficiently ubiquitous and widely used, it is no longer considered assistive technology. It simply becomes “technology”. Just as “curb cuts” were developed as an assistive technology for those with a disability, Intellivance was designed to create an education revolution. We provide opportunity and empower to those at a disadvantage to live a full and rewarding life of purpose.

The education revolution causes a special needs girl to smile

Our Tribe

Carlos Andrade

User Experience Architect
Carlos is an experienced System Engineer with a proven record successfully managing and leading technical teams through development, integration and testing. Carlos has traveled extensively for work and pleasure and fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Favorite 80’s Flick: Labyrinth

Eric Mullins

Technology Ninja
Eric has over 15 years of developing technologies as both a programmer and technician. He enjoys technical challenges and the creativity engineering allows.
Favorite Hobby: Loves fishing on the beach at sunrise.

Jesse Sullivan

Curator of Lightbulb Moments and Storyteller in Residence
Jesse has over 14 years of experience in marketing, including strategic marketing plans, market research, public relations, advertising and promotion, as well as all things social media. She lives in a world of creative driven, content oriented, and strategy-based marketing combined with nerdy science to keep things fun.
Survival Strategies: Jesse is quite certain a large portion of her blood stream is made up of coffee.

Chris Strickland

Graphic Wizard
Chris has over nine years of experience as an Animation and Film Production Specialist. He enjoys creating awesome new visuals and also dabbles in a little coding, he also develops Intellivance products. Chris is a visual wizard.
Last Book He Read: Green Eggs and Ham

Thomas Player

Senior Computer Whisperer
Thomas has over 20 years of experience developing software programs, ranging from firmware to large-scale architectures. He’s at his best when he’s solving complex challenges.
Hidden Talent: Thomas enjoys sculpting miniature figurines in his spare time.

Deborah Quackenbush

Strategy Captain
Deborah possesses over 25 years of dynamic leadership experience in the public and private sector, combining her astute business development acumen with strategic planning skills. She’s a former state legislator for New York’s 19th District.
Hidden Talent: Deborah enjoys creating culinary masterpieces in her spare time.

Don Ariel

Innovation Jedi and Change Catalyst
Don’s expertise in leadership, development, research, ingenuity, and successful business operation spans over three decades. Don is never satisfied with the status quo. He is a keen observer and a lifelong learner.
Don is well known for his vast superhero t-shirt collection.

Vinny Dappio

Chief Disruptor and Resident Rockstar
Vinny is a musical virtuoso and education professional who believes learning at any level should be an engaging and exciting experience. Vinny is our resident rock star who performs in several bands around town.
Good Vibrations: Vinny’s guitar is named Korina and he built her himself.

Jeremiah Driscoll

Process Guru and Geek Resource Manager
Jeremiah has over eight years of project and process design experience. He is happiest when he’s taking on challenging projects and finding creative ways to make them a reality.
Fun Fact: Jeremiah has a lifelong love for playing tennis and a budding relationship with restoring boats in his free time.

Johnny Starnes

Research and Relations Drone Mark 3
Johnny has a passion for helping others in education and everyday life. He is a former mentor of Marines and supplemental instructor/tutor for students of all ages.
Fictional Character: As an avid Star Wars nerd, Johnny would love to be the first Space Marine.

Daniel Ortiz

Diplomat of Design and Music Technologist
Daniel draws from his background in visual arts and music to bring the Intellivance experience to life. He is thrilled to be an astronaut in the space between Science and the Arts, with a mission to blur the lines between mediums of expression.
Hobbies: In his free time, Daniel enjoys fixing old guitars and breaking new ones.

Jodi Shaw

Money Maestro and Culture Operations Cheerleader
Jodi is a Systems and Finance professional with over 17 years of experience in full project and software development lifecycles for product implementation and integration.
Words of Wisdom: “True leadership means inspiring and encouraging growth in others and giving others the opportunity to try new avenues of interests.”

Heather Mullins

Education Technologist
Heather is an innovative educator with a master’s degree in education; she has over 10 years of experience meeting the diverse needs of learners. Heather thrives in teaching outside-the-box and outside her comfort zone.
Dream Concert: Jimi Hendrix’s last performance, at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in SoHo, London, September 16th, 1970.