Join us on a Learning Revolution

A “learning revolution” sounds bold, doesn’t it? But we believe that’s exactly what we’re building. And we want you to join us.

We invite you to explore the innovative Intellivance system. The applications are endless. The time is now. We want you to join us as we light the pathway to every literacy for every learner.

Let’s revolutionize
learning, together

Intellivance designs unique tools that provide learners at all levels an accessible, flexible, collaborative learning environment. No other system works the way ours does. Our intellectual property promotes creativity and problem solving using a system that allows all people to learn differently.

Evidence-based practices have shown us that it is possible to create new pathways for learning by weaving together multiple literacies. We are passionate about exploring the vast applications of the Intellivance approach and development of tools that empower and advance the way we learn.

We would love for you to join us on this learning revolution. It’s a whole new way for people to learn in the 21st century.


The Intellivance team shares a passion for developing tools and technologies that redefine how people of all ages and abilities gain knowledge. Our groundbreaking intellectual property levels the playing field for those affected by cognitive disability, developmental and sensory disorders, as well as those
suffering from age related decline. Our dynamic solutions also include occupational therapies that address social, psychological and environmental
factors to increase functional independence.

We believe that learning and therapies should be fun, challenging, inclusive, social, accessible, and rewarding. Check out the unique solutions and assistive technology that form the foundation of our learning revolution.


Intellivance has created a transformative academic toolset that offers learners an accessible, flexible, collaborative environment that promotes creativity and problem solving. We utilize teacher assistive technologies that produce immediate and ongoing feedback. That’s the beauty of the Intellivance way. We’ll show you how it works. You choose the application that best serves the needs of your students. Let your learning revolution begin.


Our multi-sensory learning system allows music to be experienced as it has never been before. The relationships between math and music are well documented. Our “visual music” presents both concepts simultaneously. Imagine a music lesson that doubles as music therapy. Or, a live performance you can see and feel as well as hear. What are you waiting for? Jump on board this learning revolution.


Intellivance offers unheard of technology and intellectual property to a multitude of markets and across a vast user population. We are also a tech startup looking to grow. We want partners to help us broaden this learning revolution. The Intellivance IP provides limitless opportunities for ongoing development. Want to get on board this revolution?