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Intellivance is at the forefront of designing tools that provide learners accessible, flexible, collaborative environments that promote creativity and problem solving. Evidence based practices have shown us that it is possible to create new pathways for learning through the weaving of multiple literacies. We are passionate about exploring the vast applications of the Intellivance approach and development of tools that empower and advance the way we learn.

We would love for you to joins us as we revolutionize the way people learn in the 21st century.

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The Intellivance team shares a passion for developing cognitive tools and technologies that redefine the acquisition of knowledge for people of all ages and abilities. We believe that learning should be fun, challenging, inclusive, social, dynamic, and rewarding. Contact Intellivance to learn more about us and our belief that by learning one thing you can learn everything.

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Intellivance has created a transformative academic toolset that offers learners an accessible, flexible, collaborative environment that promotes creativity and problem solving. We utilize teacher assistive technologies that produce immediate and ongoing feedback. That’s the beauty of the Intellivance way. We’ll show you how it works. You choose the application that best serves the needs of your students.

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Want to delve deeper into the science behind Intellivance? Our unique multi-sensory measurement system allows for study of the vast human brain. We offer immediate and ongoing feedback of human behavior, brain dynamics and content engagement. We’re always searching for added ways to apply our methods and adapt techniques/technology to varied learning styles, abilities and intelligences. We believe the application of this technology provides limitless opportunities for research and exploration. Want to see how?

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