About Intellivance

At Intellivance, our mission is simple: to enable learners of all abilities to build strong STEM skills starting as early as pre-school. Rapid advancements in automation will transform many aspects of the way we live our lives. One thing is clear, strong STEM skills will be more crucial than ever to compete in this increasingly technologically advanced economy. Our innovations provide unprecedented pathways to STEM learning for everyone.

The Origins of Intellivance

Intellivance was founded by three people with vision to change the world for all learners. Our originating inventor Don Ariel developed Intellivance’s initial learning tools after searching for effective ways to teach math to his daughter, who learned differently than the way she was being taught in school, by leveraging her natural abilities. Another founder Deborah Quackenbush’s younger brother, now an adult, was born with Down’s syndrome. Deborah has direct personal understanding of the challenges a family faces helping their loved ones thrive with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD). She had a vision of how this tech could help others with IDD to discover a pathway to self-sufficiency and life of reward. Our third founder Vinny Dappio was studying the positive impact learning and composing music had on people with mood disorders. He had a vison for a new kind of music therapy in a new and gathering market.

Together, Don, Deborah, and Vinny envisioned building a toolset that could not only improve a learner’s proficiency at math, but also improve their ability to memorize and recall math, science, and engineering facts, as well as understand music.

The Intellivance team has conceived, built, and tested dozens of tools, media, apps, and products to experiment with our platform in the way users will. We have learned that locked inside every child that learns differently is something truly special to all of humanity. We have discovered that by providing innovations for those with unique needs, we can provide benefits to everyone. We are just getting started and math is just the beginning. A novel approach to learning is on the horizon, and we are eager to significantly boost the potential of all learners and learning environments.

Our Impact


Sloping curbs were initially designed to make sidewalks more accessible for those with a physical disability, but quickly provided benefits for everyone. When assistive technology becomes sufficiently ubiquitous and widely used, it is no longer considered assistive technology. It simply becomes technology. Just as curb cuts were developed as an assistive technology for those with a physical disability, Intellivance was designed to serve those who needed a different way to learn. We provide opportunities and solutions for those at a disadvantage to live a full and rewarding life of purpose. The same innovations we created for those who needed them most have applications that help everyone. We call it a learning curb cut effect.


Intellivance’s intellectual property (IP) was first developed to provide opportunity and empower those at a disadvantage. Our technologies and methodologies have been designed to meet individuals where they are (cognitively, physically, and socially) to help them develop skills and promote self-efficacy. Just as Intellivance approached the development of our tech, we also developed a unique approach to business. We strive to be a profitable business that integrates social purpose to serve those who inspired our invention, an approach we call philanprofitable.



Intellivance designs unique tools that provide learners at all levels an accessible, flexible, collaborative learning environment. No other system works the way ours does. Our intellectual property promotes creativity and problem solving that allows all people to learn differently.

Evidence-based practices have shown us that it is possible to create new pathways for learning by weaving together multiple literacies. We are passionate about exploring the vast applications of the Intellivance approach and development of tools that empower and advance the way we learn. We would love for you to join us. We believe this is an entirely new way for people to learn in the 21st century

Meet the Team


The Intellivance team shares a passion for developing tools and technologies that redefine how people of all ages and abilities learn and remember. Our groundbreaking intellectual property levels the playing field for those affected by learning and cognitive disability, developmental and sensory disorders, as well as those suffering from age-related decline. Our dynamic solutions support social, psychological, and environmental factors to increase functional independence.


Our PrimeSense tools can add to any curriculum or practice to enhance learning and promote creativity and problem solving. Our ultimate goal is to make learning fun, accessible and engaging. Our teacher-assistive tech provides immediate and ongoing feedback. That’s the beauty of the system, it’s flexible and complementary to many other programs. We’ll show you how it works. Reach out to us today to see how PrimeSense can serve your
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Our multi-sensory learning system allows music to be experienced as it has never been before. The relationships between math and music are well documented. Our visual music presents both concepts simultaneously. Imagine a music lesson that creates meaning from improvisation. Or a live performance you can see and feel as well as hear. What are you waiting for? Jump on board this novel approach to exploring and understanding music.


Intellivance offers unheard of technology and intellectual property to a multitude of markets and across a vast user population. We are also a tech startup looking to grow. We want partners to help us broaden our ability to serve these markets. The Intellivance IP provides limitless opportunities for ongoing development. Want to get on board?


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