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Intellivance gives all learners a colorful and artful path to learning with a new and attractive way of remembering facts and ideas more reliably. We do this with our system of mnemonics -patterns of symbols and sounds that assist memory recall. The system fuses together math, music, and phonics to help children encode and remember more through play and engagement.

Number Sense: common understanding of number symbols, common vocabulary and meaning

PrimeSense: a system of mnemonic symbols based in factor math to help give all children an engaging pathway to develop better number sense

PrimeSense is the bedrock technology of every Intellivance product.

Games, indoor/outdoor play, and exercise and sports activities filled with PrimeSense symbols make learning fun and socially rewarding. Tools and curricula for educational instruction that employ PrimeSense symbols ease traditional pathways to mathematical literacy and create new and more memorable pathways to acquire and retain math, music, science, history, and language arts knowledge.

PrimeSense significantly boosts the potential of all learners and learning environments.

Using math and music as a foundation, we developed our system through research and investigation into some of the most important concepts, theories, and approaches from many different schools of thought including Education/Learning Sciences, Neuroscience, Human Performance and Psychology.

Intellivance meets Level 4 evidence requirements in compliance with the ESSA. You can discover more about this compliance and our continued commitment to evidence here: https://www.intellivance.com/the-science/

Our multi-sensory system uses basic colors, shapes, math, and music to help people of all abilities make new connections. With these new connections, people learn and remember. The use of music combined with cognitive and motor tasks offers access to learning acquisition previously unheard of for those with learning challenges. Intellivance offers personalized learning opportunities regardless of age, ability, or technology access. Our system provides special needs learners:

  • Accessibility and Motivation
  • Sensory and Gross Motor Engagement
  • Colors and Shapes that Reveal Natural Patterns

There are many ways to get started, you can learn about our technology and see demonstrations on our YouTube channel, explore our interactive clock and free math resources, download our ALICE iOS app, or contact us for a demonstration at hello@intellivance.com. Join our newsletter to get early access to the PrimeSense store, coming soon.

Reach out to our team today at hello@intellivance.com so we can discuss how best to integrate Intellivance PrimeSense tools into your educational/enrichment environment. We believe that everyone can benefit from using the Intellivance PrimeSense technology. Join our newsletter to get early access to the PrimeSense store, coming soon.


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