Stop struggling. Learn a different way

Built for people who learn differently

Do you, or someone you know, struggle with learning? Want to level the playing field? We do too.

So much so, we developed a multi-disciplinary learning language to do just that.  Designed for those who learn differently, the Intellivance language gives all learners a new way to understand their world. Our patent-pending system uses basic colors, shapes and math to help people of all abilities make new connections. With these new connections, people learn and develop new abilities.

Intellivance helps everyone think differently

Intellivance transforms complex concepts into a-ha moments. People understand better. People discover new things about the world and themselves.  People grow. And learning becomes, not only personal, but powerful.




How intellivance works

The connections the brain makes between math and music are well researched. Intellivance applies that research to a multi-sensory, language learning system.

Numbers become colorful symbols related to music. Music becomes related to numbers. People grasp new information in a powerful new way.

Previously abstract concepts, like how numbers relate to each other, become recognizable patterns. Once taught, the system becomes a lifelong learning tool that can be applied to any educational discipline.

Let’s revolutionize
learning, together

Whether you’ve struggled as a learner or watched others struggle, you know the pain. We do too, which is why we set out to do something about it. And if you’ve gotten this far, we bet you want to help others too. So, you’re invited to help us help other learn differently.

We invite you to explore the vast applications of the Intellivance system. You’ll not only see, but experience, how they advance the way anyone can learn. Help us start a revolution. Help us provide learners and educators with accessible, flexible, collaborative environments that promote creativity, problem solving and success.

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