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A hand raised in a fist holding a pencil indicates a revolutionary learning system


A mountain top with flag indicating revolutionary learning


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Revolutionary Accessibility

Do you, or someone you know, struggle with learning? Want to level the playing field? We do too. We use math, a major stumbling block for many learners, as the basis for achievement other literacies.

So much so, we developed a multi-disciplinary learning language to do just that.  Designed for those who learn differently, the Intellivance language gives all learners a new way to understand their world. Our patented system uses basic colors, shapes, math and music to help people of all abilities make new connections. With these new connections, people learn and develop new abilities.  Building math comprehension provides access to future pathways for vocation and success.

Access to the Intellivance system is not limited by age, ability or even access to technology.  We can apply our method to nearly anything; from complete enrichment facilities to playing cards, sports, and video games.  When learning is presented in your favorite song, game, or sport, it becomes more accessible, approachable, and attainable.

A child creates music on a piano. Music is a key part of the revolutionary learning system.
A girl at at a desk works with Intellivance's revolutionary learning system

Revolutionary Motivation

Intellivance transforms complex concepts into a-ha moments. People understand better. People discover new things about the world and themselves.  People grow and learn.  And this learning becomes, not only personal, but powerful. Users are drawn to our fun, engaging, and exciting experiences. Because this learning is fun, users are motivated and are eager to use the system. This motivation leads to greater retention, understanding and success.

Why Intellivance?

The Intellivance method is innovative in both its approach and applications.

How Intellivance Works

The connections our brains make between math and music have been thoroughly researched. Intellivance applies this research to a revolutionary, multi-sensory learning language.

A four shown as a symbol which is a part of the revolutionary learning system.

Numbers become colorful and meaningful symbols that incorporate music theory concepts early in the learning process. Rote memorization is replaced by pattern recognition.

A series of twos to the first power, second power and third power show the revolutionary learning system symbols.

Previously abstract concepts, like how numbers relate to each other, become clearly recognizable patterns. Once taught, the system becomes a lifelong learning tool that can be applied to any educational discipline.

Discover how Intellivance can help you.

Whether you’ve struggled to learn, or watched others struggle, you know the pain. We do too, which is why we set out to do something about it.

We invite you to explore the vast applications of Intellivance. You will not only see, but experience, how the system advances the way anyone can learn. Help us start a learning revolution. Help us provide learners and educators with accessible, flexible, engaging, environments that promote creativity, problem solving, collaboration and success.

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