What Science Says

Built on the music and math connection and supported through years of research into many fields of scientific study, the Intellivance intellectual property was developed with a firm basis in educational best practices, the sciences of learning, cognition, psychology and brain dynamics.

The Evolution of Learning

The Intellivance intellectual property (IP) was developed to take advantage of human evolutionary adaptations. From physical adaptations like a bilateral body plan to enhancements in cognitive functions like social meaning-making, we quite simply evolved to learn this way.

This provides a holistic and accessible approach to learning unlike anything before it. We have created an entirely new language of everything, one that we express using the music and math connection. The Intellivance approach is accessible and sustainable for learners of all abilities.

Primary shapes and colors help create the music and math connection for Intellivance's learning system.
The music and math connection are the foundation for the Intellivance IP

The Science Behind Intellivance

Using the music and math connection as a foundation, we developed our core IP  focused on some of the most important concepts, theories, and approaches from many different schools of thought including:

  • Science: Multimodal Literacy, Multiliteracy, Constructivism, Social Semiotics, and Cognitive Constructivism
  • Educational Best Practices: Creativity, Cooperation, and Problem Solving; Concrete, Representational, and Abstract Thinking
  • Product Marketing Approaches: Primary colors, shapes and music integration

Access our White Paper

Based on our team's vast research into evidence-based best practices, we have created a series of white papers that explore the science of Intellivance.

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