ALICE Comes Alive

Come adventure with ALICE, Intellivance’s mobile app that is changing the way children learn math and music.  ALICE connects the two for an entirely new way to learn both!

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ANYONE can play music using this simple virtual instrument designed by Intellivance™! To master a traditional instrument, you need to devote years of training and muscle memory to your practice. Learning to read music notation does not include the complex patterns of music theory. The patented Intellivance™ system that uses colors, shapes, math and music to learn is incorporated in this easy to use instrument that was originally designed for those with limited motor function. This app can serve as an intuitive first instrument for the very young, or a fun interface to teach traditional musicians music theory faster, or a wonderful platform to stimulate cognition for those struggling with cognitive decline.


Our unique ALICE arrangement puts the notes and chords of any key at your fingertips, making playing and composing your own songs fun and simple!

Our virtual clock instrument features:

  • Twelve Chromatic Notes
  • Seven Diatonic Chords
  • Key Selection (Clock rotates so the root is always at the 12 o’clock position)
  • Interchangeable Piano and Guitar Sounds
  • Seven Octave Range Selection
  • Chord Animations that Display Notes Comprising Chords

ALICE in Action

In our 2020 holiday greeting, you can watch as ALICE delivers a classic holiday jingle.

Check back soon for more videos of ALICE in action!