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Intellivance is a revolutionary, multi-sensory learning method. Numbers become colorful and meaningful symbols that incorporate music early in the learning process. Rote memorization is replaced by pattern recognition; previously abstract concepts, like how numbers relate to each other, become clearly recognizable patterns.

Intellivance was developed to take advantage of human evolutionary adaptations. From physical adaptations like a bilateral body plan to enhancements in cognitive functions like social meaning-making, we quite simply evolved to learn this way.

We developed the Intellivance system to take advantage of human evolutionary adaptations. It provides a novel approach to learning that takes advantage of how we evolved to learn. We have created an entirely new language of everything and in doing so, an education revolution. This intellectual property (IP) is a key asset to our business and we have spent a great amount of effort and time to protect it. Intellivance has an IP portfolio that contains many patents, trademarks, and copyrights that is constantly growing as we continue to advance the technology.

Using math and music as a foundation, we developed our system through research and investigation into some of the most important concepts, theories, and approaches from many different schools of thought including Education/Learning Sciences, Neuroscience, Human Performance and Business Science.

More information and white papers can be found at: https://www.intellivance.com/the-science/

Our multi-sensory system uses basic colors, shapes, math, and music to help people of all abilities make new connections. With these new connections, people learn and develop new abilities. The use of music combined with cognitive and motor tasks offers access to learning acquisition previously unheard of for those with learning challenges. Intellivance offers personalized learning opportunities regardless of age, ability, or technology access. Unlike traditional learning methods our system provides special needs learners:

  • Accessibility and Motivation
  • Sensory and Gross Motor Engagement
  • Colors and Shapes Provide Attainable Patterns

There are many ways to get started, you can learn about our technology and see demonstrations on our YouTube channel, purchase a Intelli-Start Kit or Intelli-Cards learning flashcards, download our ALICE iOS app, or soon you can visit one of our demonstration locations. (For full details on existing and upcoming locations, please contact us at hello@intellivance.com).

Intellivance can be used across the lifetime of anyone. Because the system uses colors, shapes, and music to express complex concepts rather than requiring reading and writing skills it is accessible to children as young as four. We have also seen children and adults with learning challenges and even those suffering from brain decline or injury benefit from our technology.

Intellivance offers personalized learning opportunities regardless of age, ability, or technology access. The foremost capability of the Intellivance system lies in its ability to be applied to nearly anything. Not sure how our system could help enrich your learning environment? Experts at Intellivance will meet with you to discuss your needs and project objectives, we then provide strategic recommendations to create a custom solution for your learners. Contact us today to learn how your project can be powered by Intellivance.