Our Stories

The heart of the human experience, storytelling, speaks to us all. At times educational, at other times heartwarming and inspirational, storytelling is always powerful. Through stories – special needs success stories, a-ha moment stories, and stories where people overcome – we make meaning of our world.

Stories of Learning and Change

Each day, new stories come in. We hear about special needs success stories. We see new stories develop with our families and friends. Visitors stop by and we watch as they create new stories right before our eyes. We continue to be touched as learners perform tasks and gain understanding that many thought would never be possible.

We’ve seen tears roll down family members’ faces as their loved one expresses themselves musically while learning mathematics – sometimes for the very first time. We have seen young children gain understanding of complex concepts like prime number theory and music theory naturally. It is our honor to share these stories.

Developer Story: Eric

Meet Eric! Eric is a technology wizard at Intellivance. Eric has over 15 years experience developing technologies as both a programmer and technician. He enjoys technical challenges and the creativity engineering allows.

Jimmy & Lamesha – Arc

One of our special needs success stories revolves around Jimmy and Lamesha. Two delightful people, they are clients at the Volusia County ARC program and are working to develop skills needed for employment. Jimmy and Lamesha work with us regularly and love to show off their awesome music skills. They often blow us away at how quickly they pick up advanced learning concepts. Hear why they love Intellivance!