Learning Customized to Your Needs

Intellivance offers personalized learning opportunities regardless of age, ability, or technology access. The foremost capability of the Intellivance system lies in its ability to be applied to nearly anything.   From complete enrichment center design and installation to playgrounds, software, or games ANYTHING can be powered by Intellivance.

Powered by Intellivance

Intellivance transforms complex concepts into “a-ha” moments. Learners understand better. They discover new things about the world and themselves. They grow. Learning becomes not only personal, but powerful. Children are drawn to our learning system that provides fun, engaging and exciting experiences. Because they are having fun, users put forth more effort and want to use the system. This leads to greater retention, understanding and success.

These fundamental aspects of our method can be applied anywhere, to anything.  This creates custom learning environments wherever your users need them.  We can build custom basketball courts that provide learning opportunities while actively training for a sport. We can design vocational programs that allow adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disorders (IDD) the chance to learn key mathematics skills while earning a fair wage.  We can develop flashcard sets that teach fundamentals of prime numbers that are accessible to preschool children.  If you can dream it, we can power it.

Recent Project: Jack’s Clubhouse

Manhattan Beach, California

Jack’s Clubhouse has a revolutionary vision to allow children of all abilities and their families to collaboratively foster a joy of learning and discovery in an inclusive, approachable, and nurturing environment. As opposed to many drop off education centers, their focus is having an environment that nurtures the entire family on a social, emotional, and cognitive level for learning in a brand-new way.

Jack’s Clubhouse is powered by Intellivance’s revolutionary learning technology.  Together we designed and installed a center that includes accessible, flexible, engaging, environments that promote creativity, problem solving, collaboration and success.

Custom Services

Intellivance can apply our revolutionary learning system in nearly unlimited ways including:

  • Enrichment Center Design and Installation
  • Instructional and Activity Design
  • Custom Software and Hardware Solutions
  • Playground, Sports Court, and Activity Center Design
  • Resources for Homeschool, Tutoring, and Enrichment
  • Music Education Technologies

Custom family enrichment center from concept art to final project installation.

Your Project, Our Power

Not sure how our system could help enrich your learning environment? Experts at Intellivance will meet with you and your team to discuss your learners needs and project objectives, we then provide strategic recommendations to create a fulfilling experience for your learners. From there, we will create a visual mockup and proposal that fits your individual project.  Contact us today to learn how your project can be powered by Intellivance.

Interested in learning how Intellivance can create a custom solution for your project or location?