Wherever your students are, PrimeSense will make a big difference.

The Intellivance PrimeSense cards are the perfect way to build on your students’ understanding of math, science and more all while playing a fun and engaging game.

Imagine your child growing across multiple subjects.

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Using PrimeSense in Your Classroom

Supplement Your Curriculum

Add different learning games to your curriculum to build on students learning.

Differentiate for All Learners

Incorporate games that kids at all levels can engage with.

Multidisciplinary Learning

Bring games to your classroom that work across multiple subject areas.

Classroom Activities for All Grades and Levels

Playing games increases fun and engagement 

Great for small group activities

Enrichment to current curriculum

Promotes social interaction and learning

User-driven learning

Anchored in evidence-based research 

Benefits of physical activity and movement for learning. (and so great for special needs, autism)

Improving cognitive function.

Engagement beyond what happens while working on a whiteboard.


Intellivance products are designed to supplement existing curriculum offering learners a visual approach to abstract concepts.  They help make skills and concepts more concrete and provide learning opportunities via play and games.

Our team has reviewed and considered many of the most common education standards across STEM disciplines.  Our products are created to provide chances for learning while students are engaging in play-based activities.  Each specific product page has standards and skills alignment charts included for grade level/standards reference.

You can learn more about the patented Intellivance system here: The Science

Our focus is to create products that provide play and enjoyment within group social settings.  Once the initial concepts have been introduced, our games can be played independently, in small groups or class settings with or without direct instruction.